We at Captain Group take pride in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with production factory and mills and consumers in Middle east region, Combining market insights, market intelligence, client understanding and product knowledge we are able to support our customers on a permanent basis. For supplying mills, we can operate on a large global scale with constant exports in various countries around the globe.The right product at the right price and at the right time.

Captain Group is the leading independent global commodity trader, with worldwide expertise in buying and selling commodities of raw materials, basic resources, or products, such as pellet iron ore, various steel products like HBI-hot briquetted iron or DRI-direct reduced iron, various oil products, etc..based in Oman.

Since 2002 we have established permanent contact with the best steel manufacturers, steel suppliers,carriers and shipping companies in Middle east and around the world.

We developed further the expertise of sourcing and selling steel in and to more complex emerging markets. In addition,our excellent relationship with prime banks and financial institution ensure our strong financial position and capability to structure the trade finance.

Our scope is not limited to buying and selling steel products but we can provide a wide range of added value services and commodities of raw materials, basic resources, or agricultural products, such as sugar, or rice , tea , door to door logistics transport, inspections, clearing goods through customs, and shipping logistic.....