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Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)



The primary standard characteristic of HBI is a guaranteed total iron content of not less than 90%, and at least 92% metallisation level. HBI contains at least 83% Fe.


The indisputable advantages of HBI include:

stable uniformity of its chemical composition;

low phosphorus, sulphur, as well as other dangerous admixture content;

absence of harmful elements, such as copper, nickel, non-metal substances; comes in a standardised briquette size;

high specific bulk density; and the possibility to plan delivery by the amount and date required for the long-term.


HBI is an ecologically clean, non-toxic, non-explosive commodity, with a high bulk density, which considerably simplifies and reduces the cost of storage, loading and off-loading, and transfer by any means of transport.


HBI is primarily used in the production of a wide range of quality steels for the machinery-building, mill-building, oil and gas, auto industry, rail, bearing, and hardware industries.


Production Process
Hot briquetted iron is produced from iron ore pellets for metallisation, which undergo reduction in shaft furnaces through heat stripping at more than 900°?. The reduction agent is natural gas that has been converted in reformer units. While hot, the reduced pellets are formed into briquettes with a length of 100-120mm, a width of 45-55mm, a depth of 30-40mm, and weigh 0.5–0.7kg.


HBI Specifications

Chemical Composition



Total Iron (T. Fe)

91.0% Min


Metallic Iorn (M.Fe)

85.0% Min



93.4% Min


Carbon (C)

1.3% Max


Phosphorous (P)

0.050% Max


Sulphur (S)

0.005% Max


Total Gangue (CaO+Al2O3+MgO+SiO2)

4.8% Max



Physical Analysis

Bulk Density (Ton/M3)

2.4 ~ 2.7

Apparent Density (Ton/M3)

4.9 Min

Average Size (mm)

106 x 48 x 32

Size Under 1/4 Inch at Loading Port

5.0% Max

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